Irrigation is a growing industry in New Zealand - ever increasing demands on production require a reliable supply of irrigation water


With the increase in demand has come the need to comply with government regulations and to maximise the utilisation of the water resource.

ICSC expertise is in the electrical and automation aspects of the backbone of an irrigation system. Installing control systems to manage the pump/canal networks ensuring remote access for mobile scheme managers.

Web access can easily be extended to include ordering pages for farm managers together with the implementation of automatic scheduling software for pump/canal flows. Below are some of the main features we can offer for the modern irrigation scheme:

  • High-speed radio networks.
  • Automatic failover 3G network links.
  • Operator screens with remote 3G access.
  • Automated alarming to TXT and email.
  • Ordering systems to pump/gate control schedules.
  • Compliance reporting.
  • Daily & monthly usage reports.
  • Electrical maintenance.
  • 24 hour on call electricians.
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