Trading systems and database development for process curing room

New Zealand Insulators

Location:  Temuka
Project:     Trading systems and database development for process curing room
Project:     Process curing room for clay blanks

This involved working with the client to develop a system to control and track the curing of clay blanks in a new drying technology developed by the client. 

Industrial Controls developed a control sequence to manipulate the parameters used for curing the clay blanks. The operator is given full access to the control parameters for tuning the process. Real-time information is logged and trended on to an Intouch station to enable the operator to evaluate the curing process. 

The key to success with this project was the close working relationship with the production manager and plant electrician to develop a safe system and operator-friendly package. This included training in the operation of the new Scada package. 

This project has provided the client with a very flexible, cost-effective and high-performance package. 

"The result is outstanding - the curing process has been reduced from what used to be one week to one day with a higher yield per run" 

Ian Clark, Production Manager, New Zealand Insulators Ltd.

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