Industrial Controls has undertaken a wide range of projects for Fonterra to the highest of standards


Location:    Clandeboye, South Canterbury
"Industrial Controls' overall service is excellent. They are very pro-active and make sure work is done to our site's standards. In fact, they have been fully involved in setting some of these standards. In a nutshell, they understand our needs as a customer and always deliver on those requirements. They deliver everything we need at a site level" 

Grant Arnold, Clandeboye Site Engineering Manager, Fonterra

Project:  Automation of two 20MW coal fired boilers
Client:    Easteel Industries Ltd, Dannevirke
Project:  Redevelop PLC and Scada programming and re-commissioning of two 20MW boilers, including ash and coal handling services to comply with new Fonterra standards

The new control system gives the customer a user-friendly and reliable package, responding to meet the site's variation in steam demands. 

Features of the project included:

  • Fully automated boiler start-up and shut-down.
  • Automated fault monitoring and logging.
  • Controlled fault action to continue reliable operation of the boiler system.


"The key steps to the delivery of this successful project were the undertaking of a detailed analysis of the boiler engineering package and extensive liaison with the project engineer and site operators to develop the ideal control system. This included the incorporation of the site's rigid engineering standards to ensure full site acceptance. The involvement of all parties in hazops and system implementation on site enabled a trouble-free re-commissioning and site project sign-off" 

Paul Dippie, Managing Director, Easteel Industries Ltd.

Project:  Turnkey project for a demineralised water plant
Client:    Filtec New Zealand Ltd, Auckland
Project:  Undertake turnkey project, including PLC and Scada programming, electrical design, site installation and commissioning of a demineralised water plant to enhance Clandeboye's water quality

This included: 

  • Supply of a turnkey project for the automation and installation package for the automated control of a demineralised water plant.
  • Redesign of the motor control load centre and additions to the 1250 amp whey services MCC.
  • Design and build of a new remote PLC control system for the plant.
  • Undertaking PLC and Scada software development for the control, monitoring, alarming and fault logging.
  • Incorporating Scada into the site's control architecture.
  • Site commissioning and supplying project documentation.


The package we put together for our client provided them with a one-supplier solution to handle all the automation and electrical components associated with this project. This resulted in delivering a highly functional plant for Fonterra. 

This project received excellent feedback from the Filtec Management. 

"The success of this project was due to offering a complete in-house Industrial Controls package and close liaison with the customer to develop the best control system to suit the operation of their plant. By meeting all targets, plant hand-over and sign-off were achieved for the customer. We are very pleased with the way it went." 

Bryn Smith, Project Engineer, Filtec New Zealand Ltd.

Project:  Industrial and electrical design and installation of an ultra-filtration processing plant
Client:    Liquid Technologies NZ Ltd, Auckland
Project:  The project involved the installation of 9000amps of connected load and the connection of 2000 PLC I/O, including new motor control centres and programmable controller systems. It was completed under a very tight time frame requiring a double shift approach by the ICSC installation crew

Industrial Controls was responsible for the site design and complete installation and documentation for this project. We provided Liquid Technologies with the full solution to enable their project to be delivered effectively to Fonterra on time. 

"One of the keys to the success with this project was due to Industrial Controls taking 100% ownership of the electrical design, installation and commissioning of the project, and their forward thinking to avert any issues that can arise on such a fast moving project." 

Greg Martin, Process/Project Engineer, Liquid Technologies Ltd.

Project:  Site-wide power meter database at Fonterra, Clandeboye
Client:    Fonterra, Clandeboye
Project:  Develop a system to collect RealTime data and report on Clandeboye's site-wide power usage

This required the metering of signals from all downstream 400V sites and the two 33kV incoming supplies. The information gathered from these sites is logged onto the site's automation architecture and pulled into the site's energy Intouch application. Half-hourly reports are made available to management. 

This project has provided NZMP with a number of invaluable information resources, including: 

  • RealTime logging of energy demand.
  • Consumption reports, including by process area, time of day and time of year.
  • Records of peak loadings on the power networks.
  • Opportunity to identify power wastage and implement energy efficiency programmes.
  • Costing analysis for budgeting.



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