Industrial Controls provide the following Services:
Building Management Systems
A BMS is most common in a large building. Its core function is to manage the environment within the building and may control temperature, carbon dioxide levels and humidity within a building. As a core function in most BMS systems, it controls heating and cooling, manages the systems that distribute this air throughout the building (for example by operating fans or opening/closing dampers), and then locally controls the mixture of heating and cooling to achieve the desired room temperature.
Systems linked to a BMS typically represent 40% of a building's energy usage; if lighting is included, this number approaches 70%. BMS systems are a critical component to managing energy demand.
Consulting Services
ICSC offer a range of electrical consulting services including:
  • Automation
  • Electrical Engineering - Industrial & Commercial
  • Feasibility Studies
  • IT & Network (both copper & fibre)
  • Process Engineering
Electrical Services
With a staff base of 20 Electricians and Electrical Engineers, ICSC are able to provide electricians skilled in all aspects of electrical service work from construction to commissioning, maintenance and service backup, to ensure the best possible service to their customers.
Industrial Automation
ICSC delivers efficient factory floor automation in real-time environments using world leading products such as PLCs (programmable logic controllers) from Schneider, Allan Bradley and Magelis, using primarily Wonderware Intouch to provide a human-machine interface.
Industrial Communication and Information
ICSC has installed site-wide fibre optics networks for plant control and administration systems, upgraded satellite data panels and installed Ethernet LANS, Modbus Plus, Devicenet and administration, voice and video networks.
Data acquisition has become an important focus for management today, and ICSC is able to provide data acquisition and reporting tools, using cutting edge database technology from Wonderware and Microsoft.
ICSC delivers efficient factory floor automation in real-time environments using world leading products such as PLCs (programmable logic controllers) from Schneider, Allan Bradley and Magelis, using primarily Wonderware Intouch to provide a human-machine interface
Integrated Training and Documentation
ICSC is usually asked to provide operator training and detailed documentation on all aspects of the project.
Operator training includes general plant operation and routine testing of alarm and safety circuits.
Documentation includes equipment manuals, configuration files and software backups.
IT - Automation
The modern plant has an extensive range of IT equipment ranging from high end fiber multilayer ring-redundant networks through to dedicated servers and workstations all connecting to critical PLCs with dedicated remote IO modules. It has been our experience that this equipment is best treated as process engineering equipment and supported by Automation savvy IT personnel who understand that the installation of an update or the latest firmware version could potentially break the whole operation of the plant. To this end we provide a dedicated Automation IT service that includes:
  • Daily Data Storage Health Monitoring
  • Daily Network Health Monitoring
  • Daily Server Health Monitoring
  • Annual/Monthly Server Images & Restore for disaster recovery
  • Annual Workstation Images & Restore for disaster recovery
  • Off site backups on transportable media for disaster recovery
Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
ICSC work closely with clients to create state of the art Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), information technology systems that manage manufacturing operations in factories. These typically include:
  • Collection of production data
  • Execution & Dispatching of production orders
  • Management of resources
  • Product life cycle definitions: storage, version control, process set points, recipe data etc
  • Production performance analysis
  • Production Scheduling
  • Production track & trace
On Site Support
ICSC has a strong 'On Site' support focus providing 24 Hr response. We currently provide:
  • Electricians stationed permanentley on site for larger plants.
  • Electricians stationed at our premises available on short notice.
  • 24 Hour on call service for after hours support.
Panel Building
ICSC build a wide range of electrical panels utilising the latest components to provide reliable cost effective designs. We continually strive to supply the best cost of ownership for your requirements always applying a high level of electrical engineering expertise to the design. We build electrical panels for:
  • Automation & Control
  • Control Panels
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Panelboards & Switchboards
  • Power & Energy Monitoring
  • Renewable Energies
Project Management
ICSC can provide a tailored project management structure to oversee projects from design conception, through installation and commissioning to a final documentation handover package. Particular emphasis is given to:
  • Project cost analysis - keep track of costs to prevent unexpected overruns
  • Project reporting - keeping the client up to date on a regular basis
  • Project time lines - critical path analysis giving early warning and corrective management options
Safety Installations
Safety is of paramount concern in the modern workplace. ICSC provide design, installation and commissioning for industrial safety creating work safe environments utilizing the latest standards and equipment:
  • Machine guarding with light curtains, proximity sensors, encoders and safety circuits.
  • Safety Management involvement - as required by the latest NZ standards.
  • Safety PLCs
Security Systems
Integrated site security is an increasing need for security conscious sites that need to allow for 24 hour access and monitoring. ICSC is involved in:
  • Door Lock Management - swipe cards and key pads
  • Security Cameras
  • Fire, Gas & Hazard Alarm Management
Site Services and Support
ICSC provides extensive site services to keep your systems running efficiently and smoothly. Skilled personnel are available to maintain your site so as to maximise up time. We include services in the following areas:
  • Electrical
  • Automation
  • Network
  • IT Monitoring
Software Development & Reporting Services
With the increased volume of stored process information there is an ever increasing need to develop software that turns the data into information - something that is meaningful not only to engineers but also to management. Using the latest Microsoft Development software we develop applications to provide:
  • Complex compliance reporting for government regulations.
  • Daily usages and application rates
  • Intranet Websites for easy, royalty free access to reports.
  • Ordering and Production interfaces.
  • Performance indexes (KPI) on plant so comparisons can be made over a period of time.
  • Power consumption summaries
  • Production overviews comparing production to different indexes.
  • Stock/Tank levels - both current and historical
Systems Integration
ICSC is a specialist at systems integration, that is the bringing together of component subsytems into one central system. This ensures that your plant runs together seemlesly and coherently resulting in a comprehensive and coordinated system. The following are some of the systems we have experience in integrating:
  • PLC/RTU IO Servers
  • Modbus TCP & RTU
  • Custom RS422 & RS485 interfaces
  • Profibus
  • MS SQL Data Base
Turnkey Services
ICSC offer a 'Turn Key' service from client concept all the way through design, build, commission to maintenance and support. We often work in conjunction with the client's supervisory consultant and maintain excellent consulting and project management disciplines as detailed above.
We specialise in proven, state of the art systems with a strong emphasis on energy management for high up times and reduced cost of ownership.