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ICSC are Industrial Automation specialists providing a comprehensive service in both new projects, maintenance and upgrades.
By staying abreast of the latest advances in the automation industry we are able to bring to your plant the best possible solutions. We approach every project with a strong emphasis on a cost effective install balanced with a low cost of onwership.
Here are the main aspects to Industrial Automation:
PLC Code
The PLC code is the heart of the Industrial Automation project and there are typically a number of steps:
  • Process Engineering Design.
  • Site Standards to which the code is written.
  • Designing and Writting the PLC code.
  • Testing the code with the client's representative.
  • Testing the PLC's inputs and outputs.
  • On-site commissioning
Touch Screens - Factory Floor
As part of the PLC installation there are usually a number of Touch Screens that are linked via network directly to the PLCs. The Touch Screens are configured with many HMI pages which allow operation of the plant directly from the factory floor.
SCADA HMI - Control Rooms
The control rooms will typically have a number of computers running state of the art SCADA-HMI software. The SCADA software gives the operators a detailed view of the plant via many HMI pages and allow changes and alarms to be easily dealt with.
Data Historian
The modern plant is required to keep production records. To do this a Data Historian is installed on a Server which logs all of the essential data for the plant accessing the PLCs via IO-Servers across the network.